Can I use Microsoft Teams on a mobile device?

Teams mobile device

Its easy to set up and use Microsoft Teams on a mobile device to work seamlessly across multiple Android and iOS devices.

You can chat, call, collaborate and join meetings from your mobile and even switch between multiple tenants to access your guest accounts.

In addition you can set up quiet times if you don’t want to be interrupted outside office hours.

Keep reading to read how to set up and configure the Teams mobile app.

The Microsoft Teams app can be used on Android and iOS devices. However it is not available for Windows devices.

In addition to the Teams app I recommend that you download the Microsoft Office app so you can edit any files on your mobile device. The Microsoft office app includes Word, PowerPoint and Excel all combined in the one app.

Download the Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office mobile app now.

Once you have downloaded the apps to your mobile device just log in with your work or school email address.

Can I access multiple Teams accounts from my mobile device?

Yes it is easy to switch between different accounts. For instance if you need to switch from your work account and log into Teams as a guest in anther organisation.

First select the three ellipses at the top of your mobile device to see all the Accounts and Orgs you are associated to. And second select the account and organisation you want to switch to. In summary it is seamless to switch between your accounts.

Is it possible to stop getting Teams notifications on my mobile device outside of work hours?

Yes the Teams mobile app has a Quiet hours feature which can block all Teams notifications.
I recommend that you set this up straight away if you don’t want to be interrupted outside office hours.
From your Team mobile App just select the hamburger menu and select ‘Notifications’ and then select your quiet hours (e.g. 18:00 to 09:00) and then your quiet days (e.g. Saturday and Sunday).

For instance this is particularly useful if working for a global company and stopping those alerts at 03:00 in the morning that wake you up.

Source Microsoft

Finally what Teams features are supported on the mobile app?

You will find that you can carry out most activities using the Teams mobile app .

To see all the Microsoft Teams featured supported on mobile devices view the new guide from Microsoft on Microsoft Teams features by platform that Microsoft have recently created that show all the Teams features by mobile (Android and iOS), Windows desktop, Mac desktop, Web and Linux. Note that depending on your organisation’s Teams configuration not all features may be available to your organisation.

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