How to manage guest access reviews in Microsoft 365

With guest access switched on for Microsoft Teams, do you have a process to manage guest access reviews?

It is easy for Team owners to invite external guests into their Team. However, how do you proactively review guest accounts to ensure people only have access as long as they need it?

With internal users, there are joiners, movers and leavers processes to manage access and reviews, but these processes typically exclude guest users.

Read on to see how you create a regular review of external guest access to ensure they only have access as long as necessary.

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How to use your Azure AD Premium 1 or 2 licencing to govern your Guest users

Have you enabled Guest users in your Microsoft 365 tenant? If your answer is yes then have you applied identity and access governance controls to your Guest users to help minimize security and compliance risks in your tenant?

Read on to find out how to use your existing Azure AD Premium 1 or Premium 2 licences to apply identity and access governance to your Guest users.

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