How to manage Microsoft 365 evergreen change using Power Automate

Are you effectively managing your Microsoft 365 evergreen change?

The pace of change in Microsoft 365 is rapid as Microsoft constantly delivers new features, updates to enhance customer value and ways to better secure the environment. We all know it is important to keep on top of this constant flow of changes, but keeping track of the evergreen changes across the multiple different Microsoft 365 services can be a challenging.

Microsoft post all change messages in the Microsoft 365 message center. However the message center is not a workflow tool so triaging and tracking the changes is difficult. In addition too much time is spent manually copying content from message center to other tools and notifying stakeholders rather than assessing the actual change itself!

So how do you remove this manual overhead and automate your Microsoft 365 evergreen change process?

Read on for top tips and guidance on how sync your Microsoft 365 messages to a Planner board and then use Power Automate to automate and customise your process. This will remove those repetitive tasks giving you more time to focus on the triage and track of the evergreen changes.

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