Retention vs. Archive vs. Backup: How to Manage and Govern Your Microsoft 365 Data

Are you struggling to manage your data in Microsoft 365? Do you want to avoid losing your data, violating regulations, or wasting storage space? If so, you need to know the differences between retention, archive, and backup. These are three data management options that can help you protect your data, comply with rules, and optimise your performance. But what are they exactly, and how do they work? In this article, I will answer these questions and more. I will explain the main features and benefits of each option, along with any risks involved. I will also provide some scenarios where you might want to use one or more of these options and how Microsoft solutions can support you.

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All Things M365 Compliance podcast EP12: Martin Lingstuyl | DLM & RM Coding/PowerShell

In episode 12 of the All Things M365 Compliance podcast, Ryan John Murphy and Nikki Chapple interview Martin Lingstuyl about his impressive coding work on Data Life Cycle Management. They discuss his expertise in verifying labels and fixing instances where labels were not applied accurately.  Subscribe today to gain a competitive edge and valuable insights.

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How to use Microsoft 365 Retention Policies and Labels

Are you struggling to stay compliant with industry regulations and company policies when it comes to managing your organization’s data? Look no further, because Microsoft 365 retention can help you stay compliant and secure. Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle and Records Management provides powerful tools to enable you to automatically retain or delete content based on your retention schedules.

In this blog, I will walk you through the basics of setting up retention policies and labels in Microsoft 365, so you can start meeting regulatory requirements and protecting your organisation’s sensitive information.

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