Benefits of using the Microsoft Teams mobile app

Teams mobile app

My top three benefits for using the Microsoft Teams mobile app on your phone or tablet. These tips are also useful even if you are working from home.

Keep reading to see my three top benefits for using the Microsoft Teams app on your mobile device.

1. Put yourself in control by deciding how and where you join a Teams meeting. It doesn’t have to be from your desk.

My first Teams mobile app benefit is all about wellbeing, especially with so many people currently having to work from home.

Rather than being stuck in your house / working at your desk desk all day, why not organise a ‘Walk and Talk’ Teams meeting?

Just arrange with your colleagues for a more informal Teams meeting and use the Teams app to join. This allows you to join the meeting from anywhere and not just your desk. Some examples of where people have been joining the Teams meeting are whilst walking outside, on the cycle machine or just relaxing on the sofa. No matter where you are or what you are doing you can all participate in the Teams meeting.

You can even share photos directly into the meeting from your mobile device when you are in a ‘Walk and Talk’ Teams meeting, Here is the view I shared to my ‘Walk and Talk’ Teams meeting the other day. Read on to see how.

2. It’s so easy to share photos to a Teams chat, channel conversation or even a chat in a Teams meeting.

My second Teams mobile app top tip is to remember that a picture can speak a thousand words. With the Teams mobile app it is simple to quickly share a photo from your phone to Teams.

There are many ways that a photo can add that visual description that you may need. Whether it is a photo to cheer someone up, a photo showing the results from your ‘Cook-a- long’ Teams meeting, a photo to help troubleshoot a problem, or even a mobile screen grab to use in blogs. The Teams mobile app is an ideal way to manage this.

From your Teams mobile app, go to the Teams Chat or Teams Channel Conversation or even Meeting chat. Select the camera icon and choose either Camera to take a Photo and instantly share, or alternatively select Photo library and attach an existing photo. In addition, you also have the option to edit the photo before attaching to the chat.

By the way, Microsoft have a great guide on how to Take photos using the Camera in Teams – Office Support (

3. Seamlessly re-join your Teams meeting from the mobile app if you lose internet connection mid-way through a Teams meeting.

Finally my third Teams mobile app top tip is that the Teams mobile App provides a great internet connection backup. With the Teams mobile app you are always connected, either through your internet connection or mobile phone network.

The ability to have a back-up connection to Teams has been invaluable to me over the last few months whilst working from home. There have been several times where I have lost internet connection and it is always seems to be during a Teams meeting when I am in the middle of presenting.

With the Teams mobile app it is so simple to re-join your Teams meeting from your mobile device.

When you open your Teams app it already knows that a Teams meeting is in progress from your calendar. So a banner is automatically displayed at the top the app showing that a Meeting in progress. Want to join on this device.

Select Join and then importantly select Transfer to this device. If you choose Add this device then the audio will be muted, and you will not be heard.

You can be back in the meeting in less than a minute.

Note this option does depend on having a good mobile signal.

By the way Microsoft have a great guide on how to Join a Teams meeting on a second device – Office Support (

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