All Things M365 Compliance podcast EP15: DLP Part 2

All Things M365 Compliance podcast episode 15 Microsoft Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

In part two of our “All Things M365 Compliance” Data Loss prevention (DLP) mini-series, Ryan John Murphy and Nikki Chapple show you how to use the Conditions Builder to create advanced policies and rules. Safeguard confidential information, prevent sensitive data from leaving your organisation, and establish a robust data loss prevention defence system for your organization.

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How to use the Conditions Builder to create advanced Data Loss prevention (DLP) policies and rules

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a feature that helps you protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access or leakage. DLP policies and rules define what kind of data is considered sensitive, where it can be stored or shared, and what actions can be taken if a violation is detected.

One of the most powerful tools for creating DLP policies and rules is the Conditions Builder. The Conditions Builder allows you to specify complex criteria for matching your sensitive data, such as keywords, regular expressions, metadata, file types, and more. You can also combine multiple conditions using logical operators such as AND, OR, and NOT.

In the second part of our mini-series on DLP, we will shoe you on how to build advanced Policies and Rules with the Conditions Builder. We will go through how to protect sensitive information such as Credit Card details and items that have been labelled with a Public Label (a label not for Credit Card information) and how to use the Conditions Builder to prevent sensitive data from leaving your environment. By doing so, you can configure a defence-in-depth for Data Loss Prevention and protect your organisation’s sensitive information.

The functionality depends on your Microsoft licensing. Check the Microsoft 365 guidance for security & compliance for details on the licences support DLP.

All Things M365 Compliance podcast EP15: Data Loss Prevention Part 2

If you have not checked out Episode 1 yet, we highly recommend doing so. It will help provide you with a better understanding of the basics of DLP.

Microsoft Resources on Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

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