All Things M365 Compliance Video Podcast

What is the All Things M365 Compliance podcast?

Are you looking for a podcast that can keep you updated on the latest features of Microsoft Purview? Look no further than the All Things Compliance video podcast! Hosted by the dynamic duo of Ryan John Murphy and Nikki Chapple, this podcast is an essential source of information for Microsoft Purview and Microsoft 365 governance, risk, and compliance. With expert guests and lively discussions, the All Things Compliance podcast offers valuable insights on how to safeguard your data in Microsoft 365.

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Latest Episodes

Who is Ryan John Murphy?

Ryan John Murphy is a Microsoft Security MVP and the Compliance Practice lead at Epiq. He specialises in Microsoft Purview compliance solutions.

Ryan is an active community member and:

Who is Nikki Chapple?

Nikki Chapple is a Microsoft 365 Apps MVP and a Microsoft Security MVP. Moreover, she works as a Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay, where she specialises in Microsoft 365 governance and compliance.

Nikki is an active community member and:

Want to be a guest on our podcast?

Do you have a compelling customer story or use case related to Microsoft 365 governance, compliance, or data security? If so, please feel free to reach out to me on social media. I would love to hear from you.