About Me

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Nikki Chapple is a Microsoft 365 Modern workplace Enterprise Architect who is passionate about Microsoft 365 and Teams

Nikki works as an Enterprise Architect and Organisational Change Manger for NTT Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd and is an expert in Microsoft 365 and Teams.

She specialises in Microsoft Teams strategy, governance and adoption to ensure companies can collaborate securely in the cloud.

Working for a for a Microsoft Gold Partner Nikki has hands on experience helping multi-national customers on the analysis, design and delivery of their Microsoft Teams transformation projects.

Nikki is based in Hertfordshire in in the UK and has over 25 years experience in business transformations.


The purpose of this Blog is to share information and best practices on Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 governance. For example moving to Microsoft Teams, improving Teams and Microsoft 365 Governance or driving user adoption. In addition providing those small but useful top tips to make your life easier using Microsoft Teams and the wider Microsoft 365.

All my posts are based upon my personal options and not that of NTT Cloud Communications.

The posts are accurate at time of publication. However as Microsoft Teams is changing at a rapid pace. Therefore please check with the official Microsoft documentation to make sure the information is up to date.

Speaking Engagements

Teams Day Online III 7/8 April 2021: How to collaborate securely with Guests in Microsoft Teams

The first part of the session will discuss the Microsoft 365 configuration best practices to enable secure collaboration with guests in Teams.
The second part of the session will recommend how to implement a guest lifecycle management process, to ensure your guests only have access to the information they need, for the time they need.

The recording of my session is now available on YouTube

M365 Philly Virtual 2021 14/15 May 2021: Implementing Microsoft Teams lifecycle governance to stop Team sprawl

Microsoft Teams empowers users to collaborate. However without governance it is easy for organizations to create thousands of Teams sites with no clear ownership and no lifecycle. This uncontrolled growth can quickly turn into sprawl resulting in an IT admin headache to manage and lead to user confusion and dissatisfaction as they struggle to identify which is the correct team to use.
This session will discuss best practices on how to implement Teams lifecycle management to manage your teams through the following stages:
1. Teams creation
2. Ongoing management
3. End of life


Nikki is a TOGAF certified Enterprise Architect and also PROSCI certified Organisational Change Manager and hold many Microsoft certifications.