Create a simple Teams creation workflow using Power Automate

Why do I need to build a Teams creation process using Power Automate? What’s wrong with the standard Team creation process?

When you create Microsoft Teams out of the box, there are only limited governance capabilities. For example:

  • Limited Teams naming convention
  • Duplicate Teams names
  • Only one owner required
  • No justification or approval process

This blog describes how to create Teams using Power Automate plus add governance steps to the workflow to include:

  • Apply a tailored Teams naming convention
  • Add an approval step
  • Stop duplicate Team names
  • Add multiple owners
  • Add sensitivity label to allow or block guests and external sharing
  • Capture additional metadata such as justification, Team type, or Team duration

Read on for my step-by-step guide on creating a Power Automate Flow for your Teams creation process.

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